Zipline Trader

Welcome to zipline-trader, the on-premise trading platform built on top of Quantopian’s zipline.

Quantopian closed their services, so this project tries to be a suitable replacement.

zipline-trader is based on previous projects and work:

zipline-live and zipline-live2 are past iterations of this project and this is the up to date project.

New in v1.6.0

  • Running on python 3.6 or 3.7

  • Using pandas<=1.1.5 and numpy<=1.19.x

  • Using postgres as a ingested DB backend

  • alpha-vantage bundle

  • video tutorials for working with this package: playlist

Special thanks to @atarax for contributing to this release of zipline-trader


After Quantopian closed their services, this project was updated to supply a suitable and sustainable replacement for users that want to run their algorithmic trading on their own without relying on online services that may disappear one day. It is designed to be an extensible, drop-in replacement for zipline with multiple brokerage support to enable on premise trading of zipline algorithms.

I recommend using python 3.6, but some work has been done to achieve the same results on 3.7. More work is needed though.

Supported Data Sources

Out of the box, zipline-trader supports Alpaca and alpha vantage as a free data sources . You could use the quantopian-quandl bundle used in old zipline versions or any other bundle you create (how to create a bundle on a later section)